Summer 2020 risk assessment completed

On Thursday, 4 June 2020, a risk assessment of summer blue algae blooms for the neighbouring regions was published:

The risk of blue algae blooms in Finnish seas, as in last year, is considerable or moderate – the final situation will be determined by the summer weather

So summer is here again and the blue algae announcement has started as it:

National algae review 4.6.2020: In some areas of the sea blue-green, there are hardly any blue algae observations on the lakes

THE REST INFORMATION OF THE SEA is happy to receive algae hats – even zero-hats! – even by phone or email. Current algae managers can be found at the bottom of the most recent algae overview (see link above). We would also like to encourage the use of the Observation Transmitter app (see link above).

T. Heidi, Kristiina, Harri & Partners

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