Welcome to the website of the Finnish Phytoplankton Society!

The Finnish Phytoplankton Society was founded in 2007. The society organises training twice a year. The purpose of the society is to:

  • promote and maintain knowledge of the species of phytoplankton
  • develop methods for phytoplankton analysis
  • develop and maintain cooperation between domestic and foreign phytoplankton experts.

Join the society

All individuals and entities studying or interested in phytoplankton may become members of the society. Our operations can also be supported by joining as a support member for the amount they want. The accession takes place by contacting the Secretary of the Finnish Phytoplankton Society (see Contact information).

The membership fee is EUR 20 for ordinary members, EUR 10 for student members and pensioners and EUR 100 for community members. A community member may report three persons who can participate in club events at the membership price.

Society’s rules

Society’s rules 2020 as PDF (in Finnish).


Photo gallery of phytoplankton

Other image sites:


Fytoplankton.cz Gallery

Old fytoplankton.cz-page PhytoAtlas

The IOW-Image Gallery of Microalgae


A table opens in the appendix, where you can find those carrying out phytoplankton analyses in Finland. Contact information can be sent to the board of the society. The contact details of the board will open from the top bar. Please note that only the contact details of the consultants who have paid the membership fee of the Finnish Phytoplankton Society are published on the society’s website.



Society's logo

Suomen kasviplanktonseura ry

Chairman Kristiina Vuorio

Address: Kristiina Vuorio, Suomen ympäristökeskus (SYKE) Vesikeskus, Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki, Finland

Secretary Päivi Hakanen

Email: …@kasviplanktonseura.fi

puheenjohtaja… (Chairman)

sihteeri… (Secretary)

rahastonhoitaja… (Treasurer)

hallitus… (Board)


Member of the board 2019-2020

  • Chairman: Kristiina Vuorio (SYKE)
  • Vice-chairman: Jonna Hänninen (Eurofins Ahma Oy)
  • Secretary: Päivi Hakanen
  • Treasurer: Raino-Lars Albert (Ecomonitor Oy)
  • Member: Jere Laine (Helsingin yliopisto)
  • Deputy member: Sanna Autio (Lounais-Suomen vesi- ja ympäristötutkimus Oy)
  • Deputy member: Marko Järvinen (SYKE)